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Remember that horrible game I made?

Yeah, I know, hard to say just which one I'm talking about.


You can now download it to own as your very ... uh ... own.

It's only $1 and that's a small price to pay for not having to ever play it with me.


Love the marketing description lol hope it works out for ya. Watermarked PDF huh. Just might be worth a buck. Or not.

no no no no...

The ONLY reason to own this game is to prove that you have never, in fact, played it.
To be honest, I only remember one game that you made, but it wasn't horrible. It was actually pretty cool, because I always won, and couldn't lose, and I wasn't even 3 anymore. :-)

Not sure if you remember it, but I do which I guess is what counts.
I ... don't remember it.

How did it work?