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Poetry readers, editors, voyeurs needed.

Going public with this.

I'm going to attempt to enter the Tupelo Press poetry contest. Ignore this message if you are as well or you hate poetry or whatever.

I need some eyes on my poems, in particular I need to know if there's any real stinkers in the batch I picked and most important I need to figure out a page order that makes sense.

Anyone willing to read/edit/critique (who doesn't have a vested interest in the contest already) is welcome to take a look.



Tell me about this contest and why you are entering? Prestige, fame, fortune, fun? You seem pretty serious about it!
I'm doing it to make people think. To be provocative. To be known. And perhaps to be understood.
oh hey

i am reading
what is their competition criteria? got a link? is this a lot of poems or enough?

sorry I'm a virgo so i need to know why things are

I need most if not all of these.
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