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dark thoughts

I, for one, bow before our new Chinese Internet Overlords.

My new username 阈限


New Threshhold

Sez goog translatey

How's it all going down there?
Technically I think I'm above you (assuming North is up.)

Things could be worse, but there are some downsides. My wife is sick with something I had a few months ago. Nasty little virus, painful headaches and joint pain. She says it's not as bad as dengue so at least it's not horrible, but still bad. Someone who helps out around the house once a week didn't show up today and I was supposed to go to the municipality but now with a sick wife, a baby in arms and no helper I can't really leave.

On the plus side no one else is sick, I'm in the "happiest place on earth" according to the happy planet index, my computers are working, even if not perfectly, the resteraunt isn't actively costing me money because it's closed. School for the boys is good, they are finally hitting stride of learning and both are taking to Spanish well.

How about you?
Oh hey.

Sorry to hear about your tropical diseases and I hope your lovely wife gets better soon. Have you got a new baby? Hooray!

I like babies; I have a friend called Spoo who is a baby. Well he is 2 now but I was at his birth. He likes to hold on to my leg and scream RAYRAY which is apparently the generic term for everything he doesn't know the name of. I refer to him and his three older siblings as Ayran Nation Pamphlet because they are all blonde with blue eyes. They used to all live on my lawn in a tipi but they moved up the railway line a wee bit. That's okay, they put me in my own gate so I can get there quick enough if there's any more babies.

We went to a massive book sale today and Spoo sat on our pile of books and screamed BIRD quite often because he found a wee cardboard book with pelicans in it. Not that you'd find a pelican here but it was very Kodak moment.

I have pruned all the fruit trees because it's mid winter. I think we need the lifestyle of best selling authors. Passive income and all that